Planet Fisheries
Planet Fisheries as seen from space.
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Series Starship Genius
Location Ratboy Genius's universe
Inhabitants Old Fingerhead, Young Mouthbottom
Planet Fisheries first appears in Starship Genius 7: Young Mouthbottom. Happyman and Green Monster visit this planet to seek Young Mouthbottom and Old Fingerhead for help defeating Big Fish Boss.

Appearance Edit

From space, Planet Fisheries appears to have a blue/violet surface, surrounded by what looks like green clouds, and has a few white splotches, one splotch probably being one of the planet's frozen poles.

When viewed on it's surface, the planet has red brick roads and vibrant bodies of liquid that change in color as time passes (observable colors include blue, green, violet, pink, orange, and white). The texture of the organic ground has drawings on it. Planet Fisheries is full of giant fishing nets, which is likely where it got its name from.

When Happyman and Green Monster meet Old Fingerhead and Young Mouthbottom, the characters are seen standing on platforms that protrude from the water and have cushions on top.


Happyman and Green Monster riding along the red bricked road.


All four characters seen standing on giant platforms.