Fisheater in STARSHIP GENIUS 8: Baby Meets Fisheater
Background Information
Series Galactic Superheroes, Starship Genius
First Appearance Galactic Superheroes 03
Last Appearance TBA
Character Information
Alias Mister Fisheater, Mean Fisheater
Occupation A wild talking "animal" that eats fish
Alignment Good
Goals To eat plenty of fish
Likes Fish (As food. Not friends.)
Dislikes Being torn into little pieces
Friends Ratboy Genius, Summer Solstice Baby, Fred, George, Sue
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate TBA
Quote "Oh! The Big Fish Boss! I don't like him. He's a stinky fish."

Mr. Fisheater eats fish. he is multicolored.

Hes also kinda ugly.