The Grinning Fool is a Galactic Friend seen in the background for episode 6 of Little King John: The Flood and Starship Genius Episode 11. Because he is a background character, he has no dialogue or backstory. See full Galactic Friends list for more info.

Grinning Fool
Background Information
Series Little King John: The Flood 6, Starship Genius, Episode 11
First Appearance Little King John: The Flood 6
Last Appearance Starship Genius, Episode 11
Character Information
Alias The Grin
Occupation Galactic Friend
Alignment Good
Goals Help prevent the Final Charge from taking place.
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Friends N/A
Enemies Big Fish Boss
Fate Alive
Quote "The Grin is good for a laugh."

--Ratboy Genius